OneMain Financial: Debt Consolidation Calculator

A money management tool to the aid of both users and business.

  • Research
  • Mockups

The Brief

My objective for this project was to design a calculator for users to to help users estimate monthly savings from consolidating their debt. Other financial institutions (BankRate, LendingTree, Discover, SoFi) offer their users similar tools, and offering our own debt calculator both improves our SEO and improves customer engagement with our website and customer interest in our loan products.

Other calculators had confusing layouts or multi-step processes, so I designed a product that pared the process down to two steps:

  1. The user enters their current debts and can add up to five loans or other accounts.
  2. The system calculates the user’s total debt, and from there they can adjust their consolidated interest rate to see how much they could save per month.

Desktop Designs

On the first page, the user can add up to five debt accounts (personal loans, mortgages, car payments, etc.) to consolidate.

On the second page, the user first sees a summary of their debts with a total amount. Then, they can adjust their consolidated interest rate and consolidated loan term. The "your potential savings" values update live as the user tinkers.


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