Cyrus Tang Hall of China

An immersive companion piece to a dazzling new exhibition.

  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design

The Team & The Goal

In spring and summer 2015 at The Field Museum in Chicago, I worked with a director, a project manager, and a front-end developer to launch a single-page application-style interactive for the Museum's new China exhibition. For the project, we implemented an agile process based on 2-week sprints in which I led both visual and user experience design. Since China is a permanent exhibition, we could roll out features slowly and iterate based on feedback each time.

Our goals were to:

  • Focus on desktop as an immersive experience, but work "mobile-always" as about half of users access Field sites through mobile
  • Drive ticket sales; make buying tickets as easy as possible
  • Provide a companion to the exhibit without simply copying its key pieces
  • Work with curators to create & gather unique audiovisual content
  • Drive visits to interdepartmental efforts toward the exhibition: the upcoming object catalog app, educational resources & scientific research

Final Website Design

The home screen draws users in with atmospheric animation and clear calls-to-action to buy tickets and scroll.

The immersive experience includes an interactive timeline through China's dynasties and a panoramic view of the exhibition's east garden.


These features have been fully designed and are awaiting launch.

Landscapes from four different regions of China show the diversity of the country's terrain.

This section is an annotated, scrollable reproduction of the Qingming Scroll, a pictorial representation of daily life in feudal China.

This section showcases well-preserved and researched items from a 13th-century Chinese shipwreck in the Java Sea.

Next Steps

Initial visual and UX design for China are done & implemented, but much remains to be done:

  • Implement new interactive sections as content becomes available
  • Provide seamless translation to Mandarin Chinese
  • A/B test interaction cues to maximize engagement & conversions
  • Gather analytics data to determine strategy for the next exhibition website

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