Hiromi Tanaka

A no-nonsense virtual gallery for a dynamic visual artist.

  • Visual Design
  • Front-end Development
  • WordPress

The Goal

I worked with Hiromi, a Chicago-based contemporary artist, to modernize her web presence in a way she could update herself with little technical knowledge. The ultimate goal was to reduce all points of friction for potential buyers & gallery directors so that they could easily view her work and contact her to book a show or purchase.

Final Website Design

The homepage is straightforward with clear navigation. The site's colors let the vibrancy of the art speak for itself.


I interviewed Hiromi to glean some features she may have wanted out of her site, even if she wasn't aware of their availability or ease of implementation. Her main focus was strong: simply let the art speak for itself, and let the rest of the page be as minimal as possible.

Hiromi needed a sustainable solution for the long-term, so I decided to design in Wordpress and let her enter new submissions like blog posts. I provided her with customized documentation for WordPress beginners.

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